Payment Error

Your payment has failed. Please try again with a different card and follow the guide here for more solutions. If your payment fails too many times you may be blocked from future purchases:

  1. Review common decline reasons here Error Code Description and Actions) Afterwards try to pay again when you resolved the issue
  3. Make sure you inputed all information correctly. Confirm the card number, expiration, and code entered.
  4. A typo in the card number. Try entering your card number again.
  5. An expired credit card. If your card hasn’t expired, check to make sure the date was entered right.
  6. A typo in the Card Verification Code (CVC). Double-check the number and retype it.
  7. Your credit limit was reached. Contact your card provider for more information.
  8. Mismatched billing address with the one on file with your bank. Check that your billing address matches the one your card provider has on file.
  9. For Do Not Honour errors call your bank or credit card company to make sure they do not block your transaction.
  10. Order a smaller amount of your goods. Payments over $100 are less likely to succeed if it is your first transaction.
  11. If you have multiple cards try another one. Such as a different Visa or Mastercard.
  12. Attempt to pay again on a different device like your cell phone.
  13. If you get 3D Secure errors make sure you checked your phone for SMS alerts and do not block popups.
  14. Do not use a VPN or proxy to place the order. Your IP is never shared with anyone and using a VPN usually will result in the payment being denied due to fraud detection.
  15. Try to pay through another one of our payment methods with a credit card or debit card.
  16. Lastly, if none of the above works then review the link below for more tips to fixing the payment. If nothing works then you can select a non-credit card option such as crypto currency, bank transfers,
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